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With dynamic, overhead visuals at each and every station, i.L.I.F.T. guides you through every step of the workout to support explosive performance while reducing risk of injury.

The i.L.I.F.T. patent-pending technology displays video demonstrations of each exercise, performed by Hardcore Fitness trainers, which allows you to replicate proper technique, movement and pacing.

With i.L.I.F.T., you’re never lost, the goals of each exercise are clear, and trainers are free to focus and motivate you one-on-one. With this extra attention, trainers can spend time with each member, understand their goals and push them to their personal best with each and every class.

personalize your workout

From a recent injury to first-timers (or even seasoned gym vets), our band system has you covered by letting our trainers know to modify your workout, give an extra push, and more!

i.l.i.f.t. has you covered

With i.L.I.F.T., you’re never lost. Our visual workout technology is placed at every station to showcase the workout, how to perform it, and what’s next. Best of all, i.L.I.F.T. is scalable for any fitness level and utilizes our band system to program exercise variations perfect for beginners all the way to seasoned vets.

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split goal programming

We’ve eliminated the “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every workout is paired with a variety of appropriate exercise, weight, reps and cardio – with slight variations in approach – for a tailored workout experience focused on your goals and fitness level.

Looking to shed pounds? We’ve incorporated a healthy dose of cardio to your weight training. Building muscle? We got you covered with drop sets, supersets and other muscle building add-ons, with cardio removed from the equation for a strict muscle building focus to your training.

This allows members of all shapes, sizes and goals to work out side-by-side and experience a workout that’s effective without the feeling of being left behind.

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