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LIFT Class

The class that started it all. Boot Camp offers our split body approach that attacks specific muscle groups class after class by combining resistance and cardio. Want to focus on losing weight? Boot Camp has you covered. Building muscle? No problem. Our award-winning Boot Camp classes push results with a goal-focused approach and effective workouts that leave you wanting more.

Fight Camp Class

Step up the intensity! Fight Camp combines HIIT and MMA-inspired workouts to strengthen, sculpt, and annihilate calories. With real-time calorie and heart rate technology, push yourself with real-time performance tracking and get ready to set personal records.

BootY Camp Class

Whip your glutes and legs into shape with our intense lower-body focused calorie burning and toning circuit with workouts designed by national and international fitness and physique competitor

Custom High-End Equipment

Our studio comes well-equipped with custom-designed, patent-pending resistance equipment you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve gone to the drawing board to redesign and integrate the very best of traditional gym equipment into single, meticulously designed pieces that offer the functional variety of multiple pieces of traditional gym equipment within a smaller footprint. Forget about equipment intimidation! Our unique equipment is designed to be user friendly for first timers all the way to seasoned gym vets.


Healthy eating habits (and the occasional treat) are essential to any fitness goal. We provide our nutrition app for delicious food and nutrition guidance catered to your specific goals.

i.L.I.F.T. Technology

We’ve taken your training to the next level with our proprietary i.L.I.F.T. (INSTRUCTOR LED INTEGRATED FITNESS TECHNOLOGY) With dynamic, overhead visuals that put the focus on form, i.L.I.F.T. pushes explosive performance while minimizing risk of injury. i.L.I.F.T.'s patent-pending technology displays video demonstrations of your specific exercise, performed by Hardcore Fitness trainers, allowing you to replicate proper technique, movement, and pacing.

I've been a member since February of this year and it's worth every penny. Great workouts staff and trainers are wonderful and they have taken Covid precautions to make sure we feel safe. 1000% recommend 👌
Marylia Ruano

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