Sales Fundamentals

You have marketed your business, developed a list of qualified prospects and have now been given a sales opportunity. This is where the real fun starts! Hardcore Fitness often achieves over a strong closing rate on qualified sales opportunities. This is attributed to many of the following reasons.

Fundamentals At the very simplest–“do what you say you will do.” Many salespeople will not follow up on a promise if they feel the potential is low. You will put yourself in the upper percentile of salespeople if you simply do what you say you will.

Whenever a call comes in, you’ll want to compile a log of callers, contact information, the source of the call, and a brief description of the prospects’s needs or goals. Include this in your Management software. Remember, your primary goal on a phone call is to get the caller to visit the gym.

Perform a Needs Assessment and Determine

Expectations A great deal of your success in selling will be your ability to be a “good listener.” We do not represent ourselves as a “cookie cutter” company offering the same services as every fitness gym. It is important to first identify your prospects’ goals and expectations and tailor your offering accordingly. Ask them what they like most and least about their current gym, if they are using the services of another gym. Then show how the Hardcore Fitness Solution will assist them in meeting their goals.

Know Your Services Our clients expect and demand our expertise. Study your Hardcore Fitness Services List, read articles on services and familiarize yourself with our pricing policies. Be confident when speaking about our solutions and the ability to create a fitness plan so they may reach their goals. Remember, we’re always available to help you with new ideas and solutions to a member’s needs.

Research Your Prospect Before meeting with a prospect, review the notes you recorded during your initial call. Present various ideas specific to their needs. When you can, give testimonials about other customers you’ve helped with a similar needs. The combination of company knowledge and generating creative ideas will show your prospect that you are prepared and well suited to handle their issues.

Maintain Professionalism Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity with everyone you meet. Treat everyone the same regardless of rank, race, gender etc. Dress appropriately and refrain from derogatory comments about your competition. Focus on the positives and benefits of your company and not the negatives of your competitors. This shows your prospect a professional image and generates a feeling of confidence.

Your Sales Presentation (Prezo) Once you get a chance to meet with a prospective member, you will complete each part of the sales process.

Follow Up If you do not sign your prospect up as a new member on your first visit, your chances drop dramatically. However, you will follow up with them and then you’ll try to get a commitment to start at Hardcore Fitness.

Once a member has joined Hardcore Fitness, follow all member relations procedures to retain this member. Call back a few weeks after to measure their satisfaction and hopefully get referrals of friends that might want to join. Encourage them to call you with any problems that may arise so that you can find a mutually-satisfying solution.