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Ready to take your fitness to the max? Check out the best group training classes near you! Group classes at Hardcore Fitness gyms challenge you to push your limits, sweat, and work. Work hard. Learn proper form and technique and train your muscles and your mind to power up, take charge, and follow through.

Choose from three classes to strengthen and tone muscles, rev your heart rate, burn calories, and condition your body. Boot Camp offers HIIT-style workouts that combine strength training, intense cardio, conditioning, and core training.

Want to kick it up a notch? Step up and try Fight Camp for interval training that includes punching, kicking, heavy bag drills, air bike rounds, and rope slams. We guarantee — you won’t get bored!

We’re not finished! Booty Camp features glute-focused, calorie-burning, and high-intensity circuits that tone and sculpt. Period. You’ll train hard, sweat, and feel the burn – but don’t give up! Our professional trainers guide, motivate, and keeping you moving toward the results you want.

Jump into the new age of fitness! Our award-winning group training classes are so much more than workouts. They’re a fitness experience that lead members to be strong, powerful, and fit. Is that you?