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the hardcore fitness approach

It’s more than just a workout – it’s the new age of group fitness

Hardcore Fitness is results. Period. We’ve combined the benefits of multiple group fitness approaches into a single, high energy workout experience that sculpts, builds and conditions to achieve your best self, class after class. We understand fitness can be intimidating, so we’ve made it easy to get started and keep going. Our approach combines award-winning group training classes, nutrition and community for an experience that checks all the boxes for physical changes that last. Powered by i.L.I.F.T. (our visual workout guidance system), effective custom-designed equipment and trainers that guide and motivate, we help members of all fitness levels achieve their unique fitness goals, and have a community of die-hard Hardcore Fitness fans to prove it.

We’re more than just a workout – much more!

multiple classes


The class that started it all. Lift offers our split body approach that attacks specific muscle groups class after class by combining resistance and cardio. Want to focus on losing weight? Lift has you covered. Building muscle? No problem. Our award-winning Lift classes push results with a goal-focused approach and effective workouts that leave you wanting more.

fight camp

Step up the intensity! Fight Camp combines HIIT and MMA-inspired workouts to strengthen, sculpt, and annihilate calories. With real-time calorie and heart rate technology, push yourself with performance tracking and get ready to set personal records.

booty camp

Whip your glutes and legs into shape with our intense lower-body focused calorie burning and toning circuit with workouts designed by national and international fitness and physique competitors.

i.L.I.F.T. Technology

Experience your best workout with i.L.I.F.T. – the ultimate gym partner. Every station is equipped with overhead visual technology that demonstrates safe and effective performance of every workout paired with rep, set and timing intervals for a guided group fitness approach that’s not only scalable to your fitness level, but responsive to your unique goals. Combined with the motivation and guidance of our Hardcore Fitness trainers, i.L.I.F.T. helps you achieve your best, class after class. Do you lift? i.L.I.F.T.



Hardcore Fitness is a community, first and foremost – we push together, we grow together and we change together. Our inclusive approach invites individuals of all ages, fitness levels and body types to an energetic, zero-judgement atmosphere and a powerful workout that pushes every member to their personal best – class after class. With dedicated training staff who know you by name and learn your unique fitness goals, our definition of community focuses on making our members fitter, healthier and happier – together.


Sticking to healthy eating habits is tough, but we’ve made it easier with our HCF Diet App packed with Registered Dietitian-approved meal plans customized just for you, plus food exchanges and calorie-specific diets that’s as delicious as it is flexible.


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We’ve gone to the drawing board to redesign and integrate the very best of traditional gym equipment into single, meticulously designed pieces that offer the functional variety of multiple pieces of traditional gym equipment within a smaller footprint.

Forget about equipment intimidation! Our unique equipment is designed to be user friendly for first-timers and highly effective at isolating your muscles, sculpting your physique and offering the most workout variety for better results.