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Our founders come from a background of being professional fitness competitors and coaching hundreds of people through their own journey to get on stage in the best shape of their life. This background of approaching fitness as an art form of shaping one’s body let them realize the necessity for certain equipment to be utilized when training clients in order to reach the desired result of looking their best.  When faced with the obstacle that group fitness made it impossible to offer these machines, they went off and created it themselves! They took years of designing and developing several pieces of multi-use equipment that would allow them to offer these body shaping exercises in a group setting in a way that nobody else could! This allows our clients to get the body toning results they may expect to see with a top level coach training in a specialized facility one-on-one, but at a fraction of the cost and in a fun, motivating group environment! Our custom equipment allows us to offer superior workouts, greater results, and more variation, keeping workouts fresh, all in a fun, cost effective group fitness setting!

Functional Cable Smith Machine

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