Our locations are reopening as quickly as practical, based on local conditions. Find the location closest to you for its current status.
We are still bringing the best of Hardcore Fitness to you at home with our at-home live stream workouts.


At Hardcore Fitness, our members are family. And like you, during these last couple weeks we’ve been laser-focused on doing all the things we need to do to keep our family safe, happy, and – most important – healthy. As a part of our Fit Family, YOUR health is OUR purpose and exercise is especially crucial during these stressful times. To many, Hardcore Fitness has become an escape and haven in our day-to-day lives – so take us home with you!

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The Workouts

The solution to your new physique is broken up into two different class types. You’ll get your toning and building done in our famous weight training program, simply called “boot camp,” and your cardio needs will be met in our sweat-drenching, heart-pounding, fun-filled cardio class, appropriately named “fight camp.”


The most fun you’ve ever had lifting weights!
Boot camp focuses on one or more muscle groups per day and mixes in cardio, core, and functional movements for a great workout each and every class.


This is a kickboxing / MMA-inspired cardio class.
Fighters are said to be some of the greatest athletes on earth and with that fitness level also comes some killer physiques.